About MYM Organics

Sueños Sin fronteras

Our fashion ethos is that sustainability goes way beyond the clothing, it is a way of life. It is a relationship that we have cultivated with the earth by valuing our ancestors indigenous knowledge, crafts and traditions. We understand that the negative impacts of climate change and fast fashion are directly impacting communities living on the frontlines of resource extraction and are exploited to manufacture products. We not only stand in solidarity but actively resist alongside our people and communities to forge a dignified self-determined path.

The Future is Handmade

Our mission is to create ethical clothing, without chemical or plastic products, without exploitation of labor and with respect to nature, while creating the highest quality and sustainable garment. In addition we collaborate with artisans and indigenous communities around the world and energize small economies specializing in handmade, natural and sustainable products.

Organic Fashion

Collection features all organic cotton and hemp textiles, sustainable hand spun wool, natural dyes, specialty washes, water based screen printing and hand embroidery.

Defending our Future

MYM organics is a lifestyle brand that encompasses healthy living through fashion. It is important that we grow locally, we build capacity and inform people about the harms of polyester, micro-plastics, chemical dyes, water pollution and exploitation of labor. Our collection of products are healthy solutions to our current climate crisis.

We collaborate with indigenous communities around the world in creating organic and all natural fashion products. Other creations include tea, shoes, jewelry and a docuseries Hidden Threads on sustainable/organic fashion and travel.