About MYM Organics



The Future is Handmade

Our mission is to create ethical clothing, without chemical or plastic products, without exploitation of labor and with respect to nature, while creating the highest quality and sustainable garment. In addition we collaborate with artisans and indigenous communities around the world and energize small economies specializing in handmade, natural and sustainable products.

Organic Fashion

We are MYM Organics and we have created a grassroots approach to sustainable fashion that transcends all disciplines from agricultural organic dye gardens and textiles, to water conservation and composting to cultural preservation and social equity. Health is wealth not just for the consumer but for the worker and environment. This means making it chemical free and turning away from plastic toxic chemicals. We are eco-designing durable consumer products to include sustainable design but also upcycling second-hand use products. We made our project unisex and gender neutral to promote sharing the garment with your partner, loved one or best friend. We incorporate natural and medicinal dyes through our dry dye technique conserving water while teaching consumers about natural medicinal plant-based tea remedies to promote healthy living. We specialize in zero waste cutting techniques conserving and maximizing the organic fibers and resources while eliminating waste and much more

Defending our Future

As we know conventional cotton uses an average of 16% of the worlds toxic insecticides contributing to soil degradation and worker illness. We utilize only natural dyes in our process than are non-toxic, biodegradable and compostable in contrary to the over 20,000 chemicals used in the conventional dye process many of them carcinogenic. We utilize an average of 2.4 gallons of water per garment dyed in comparison to the conventional dye process that wastes an average of 16-20 gallons of water per piece. Also, to be noted that most of the natural dye companies continue to use the large commercial washers utilizing similar amounts of water as conventional processes. In contrast we have eco-designed a dry dye technique that allows us to maximize water conservation up to 90% while still preserving the dye color depth and longevity. Furthermore, we will utilize brackish and rainwater when accessible to achieve higher conservation rates. We only utilize water-based screen printing techniques. We upcycle fabrics from worn and damaged garments to keep them from the landfill while initiating a natural overdye campaign to overdye pre-purchased MYM garments with a new color and printing to give garments new life including repairs.


MYM Organics was founded by Michael Aguilar and Aisaid Marquez Bolanos in 2016 with a sustainable fashion model. Michael and Aisaid have worked as manufactures in the Los Angeles Garment District for over 20 years and after experiencing all of the negative impacts of fast fashion have created solutions to promote worker rights and social equity, environmental sustainability, water conservation and waste reduction.