Sumak Kawsay Wellness Tea Blend

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 Sumak Kwasay is a delicious wellness tea blend that merges:

Golden Chrysanthemum a flower that is cooling and soothes soar throats while promoting good blood circulation.

Organic Puerh a great source of pro-biotics which can help with stomach aches, and stomach cramps. Slightly caffenaited puerh is also a great source of energy.

Organic Turmeric is an anti inflammatory anti-depressant that lowers cholesterol while yielding a beautiful yellow color.

Palo Brazil promotes good renal health and can help get rid of kidneys stones. Also good for the urinary tract.

10 unbleached Abaca Pulp Tea Bags

Sumak Kawsay is Quechua for "buen vivir" or in English "healthy living."